Good Tech Awards 2019

technology For the last couple of years, Kevin Roose of the New York Times has released his Good Tech Awards for companies that actually improve our lives in tangible ways. While he admitted that handing out such awards in 2019 felt a bit like “congratulating Godzilla for not destroying all of Tokyo,” his list includes many companies that addressed some of today’s most serious issues in very innovative ways.

The list (with Kevin Roose’s basic description):

  • To OpenAQ, for educating us about the air we breathe.
  • To DynamiCare Health, Biobot Analytics, and Pear Therapeutics, for using tech to address the opioid crisis.
  • To Lemontree, Goodr, and Propel, for helping feed the hungry.
  • To Pinterest, for taking a stand against social media toxicity.
  • To Big Tech’s climate activists, for pressuring executives to walk the walk.
  • To Gypsy Guide, for enlightening my [Kevin Roose] summer road trip.

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