This is where we celebrate.

We celebrate with friends and colleagues and those we do not know who are doing good work.

We celebrate their success and near-success. We celebrate the wisdom and compassion that comes from falling down once again and we celebrate the effort to get back up - again.

¥es, above all we celebrate the effort and intention to be of benefit.


“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”
~ Oprah Winfrey


Good Tech Awards 2019

By WebDana

For the last couple of years, Kevin Roose of the New York Times has released his Good Tech Awards for companies that actually improve our lives in tangible ways. While he admitted that handing out such awards in 2019 felt a bit like “congratulating Godzilla for not destroying all of Tokyo,” his list includes many […]

Christmas tree

Get out of the car!

By WebDana

Last week my daughter called to say she was driving up 63 miles with her two-year-old son to buy a Christmas tree at a lot less than 2 miles from our house; a lot where her family had purchased trees many times when they had lived in the area. She had called the lot and […]

San Ramon Jazz 2019

San Ramon Jazz 2019 Season!

By WebDana

If it’s summer, it means the San Ramon Adventures in Jazz series is right around the corner. This year’s 22nd edition mixes vocals, duos, New Orleans, and blues. Tickets for on sale in early August so plan now! Always a pleasure to help out with this wonderful organization.

San Ramon Library Foundation

SRL Renovation Project Chosen Outstanding Facility at CPRS Awards

By WebDana

Each year The California Park & Recreation Society’s Awards Program recognizes the outstanding achievements of agencies and individuals in the areas of community improvements and programming, facility design and park planning, marketing and communications, and professional and citizen leadership. This year the San Ramon Library Renovation Project was selected as the Outstanding Facility by the […]

LiveWell Medical Clinic is moving

By WebDana

LiveWell Medical Clinic is moving. The new address: 343 El Camino Real, Suite 1 South San Francisco (next to Walgreens on Country Club Road) LiveWell Medical Clinic plans to be up and running on Feb. 14, 2018.

WebDana | What's Your Story

Let’s Share The Good – And Pay Attention

By WebDana

Helping … working together … sharing … giving back. These actions occur all the time but they’re not going to show up as the lead story on the Nightly News or an alert on your smartphone. And since they’re all borne of the human condition we each have an intrinsic understanding of their worth – […]

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