Tom helped me update my 10 year-old website, plus made it mobile friendly too! He did a great job! Very easy to work with! Did a great job for such a reasonable price! I just email him with updates and within minutes, my website has the new modifications! Great for tweaking every so often! I highly recommend him!
~ Dr. Maria Osmena, LiveWell Medical Clinical

Tom Jackson created a website for our women’s networking group. He is a pleasure to work with, making what could be a grueling process actually quite easy and fun. Tom process is collaborative – he encourages you to discuss your vision for your group and the purpose of the site, so that what he helps you create is truly a reflection of what you need and want. He will give you his honest opinion and ask questions you didn’t even think to consider. Tom’s help has been invaluable, and we would highly recommend his WebDana services to anyone interested in working with the best.
~ Tri-Valley Women's Allianz

Tom Jackson did a great job on the website we needed for our small non-profit! He clearly understood the work we were doing and developed a great website with excellent design and color along with professional writing that defined our work and invited people to participate with us helping youth and families in need. You get a fantastic website that will provide awesome support for your organization.

We couldn't be happier with the website Tom Jackson built for us. Our current website represents a huge improvement over what we had in the past. A better design and better functionality, and Tom is great to work with. If you're interested in updating your website, I'd highly recommend Tom.
Ken Perine, President, Tri-Valley Consultants Forum

Tom Jackson ... is not only extremely technically capable but he has a big heart, attention to detail and a responsiveness that borders on the miraculous. Most of the time I was calling on him not for routine maintenance or a standard assignment but a panicky can you please help, I don’t know how to fix this and I have a big event coming! Yes was always the answer and resolution was always achieved. Thanks Tom!!
~Spirited Contribution

Tom Jackson was ready, willing and able to support our organization, which seeks to serve the common good, when we were in the early stages of developing our project.  We have had a wonderful relationship with Tom. He is the best! 
~ The Gardarev Center Team

Tom Jackson would not take payment when, many years ago, he set up our helpful, multi-page sangha website, including excellent design and photographs. Though I have never met him, his actions show him to have a true heart of dana, donating his time for the dharma. The site has been just what we needed over the years, and he has the heartfelt gratitude of our sangha.
~ Green Mountain Sangha

Tom Jackson worked with the Lafayette Historical Society to create a website for our organization. His knowledge and expertise produced a user-friendly product that allowed us to increase our visibility in the community. We are appreciative of his efforts and expertise.
~ Lafayette Historical Society

I cannot say enough about Tom. We are a nonprofit that is run mainly by women who are retired. Our technology skills are very weak. We had someone who had set up a website for us, but she moved away and took the password with her. What a disaster. Well, Tom came to the rescue. He has been working with us for a number of years now. We would not have a website if not for him. Plus, he explains everything so well. And, he makes changes, updates information, and just makes our website look fantastic! Thanks Tom!  You really have been an angel for the Library Foundation!
~ San Ramon Library Foundation

Sincere appreciation for all the Kind Words and the opportunity to work with so many wonderful organizations and individuals dedicated to making this world just a bit better.


"For it is in giving that we receive." 
~ Francis of Assisi

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