"Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present."
~ Albert Camus

Dana is a Buddhist term (Pali) translated here as “generosity.”

And this is meant as generosity that works both ways; generosity based on mutual trust, respect, and intent.

I pledge to be as generous as possible with my time, knowledge, and skills. Hopefully our partners will be just as generous with time allotment, funds etc. - all in service of the project.

And, of course, until mortgage and credit card companies start accepting dana as payment a certain selectivity must exist in the proposals accepted. Factors such as project magnitude, target date for completion and, frankly, the current state of our bank account will all be taken into consideration.

While we certainly can't honor every request - and reserve the right to say "No" - any refusal should not be construed as a reflection of the worthiness of the project.

The particulars:

  • Complete the simple Project Form
  • We'll set up a time to chat
  • The suggested minimum for a complete project is $1000.00
  • Everything is negotiable - again, based on generosity, trust and respect
  • Flexible payments etc.
  • The project is what's most important

Let's get started...

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