Over the years, it’s been my privilege to work with many wonderful non-profits, arts groups and artists, civic and community organizations, spiritual/religious societies, and well-intentioned individuals as they sought to make a positive difference to their constituents and in the world.

Almost all of these were the result of some level of personal contact or direct referral. And how to measure “success?” All of the sites and the organizations or individuals behind them were a sincere effort to present or offer something of meaning or value. That, in and of itself, represents success.

These days the call is much stronger and WebDana represents an initial attempt to reach out beyond my immediate circle and offer what I can in the arena of digital marketing: web design, search engine optimization, content marketing strategy and social media integration in an effort to be of benefit for the common good.

Really, what else is there?

And the path is wide enough for several of us. Help giving help is always appreciated. Let us know.

Let’s see what we can do ... together.


“Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.”
~ Simone Weil

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